Best internet service provider in Canada
We offer lightning-fast speeds and reliable internet service in Canada

Gemstelecom has been providing internet service to Canadians for over 27 years. We are the best internet provider in the country, and our services are reliable and affordable. Whether you need a connection for your home or business, we have a plan that's perfect for you. You won't be disappointed with Gemstelecom Services! We offer all kinds of internet services that will suit any need for speed and reliability. If you're looking for an internet provider or a good Wi-Fi connection at home or work, we've got it covered with our high-speed broadband connections.

Need some help? Our skilled team is standing by 24/7 to answer questions about how to get the most out of your internet connection and router setup. And if you're wondering why everyone's talking about fiber optic Internet, check us out! We offer both fiber optic Internet and DSL (digital subscriber line) Internet so there's something here for everyone no matter what they are looking for?

Internet users, we are happy to announce that our infrastructure is now covering 100% of the eligible areas in Quebec and Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. We have been growing rapidly as a company since launching in 1993 with a quick expansion from Quebec to Alberta. Our goal is always to be at the forefront of innovation by providing high-speed internet access for those who can't afford it or live too far from urban areas.