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High speed internet provider - Montreal


What is high speed internet?

A difficult question and difficult to select from multiple available option in the Montreal It may seem as if all Internet connections are the same, but some differences beyond price exist between Internet service providers, and between types of connections that a single high speed internet provideroffers. Let’s help you choose the high speed internet providerand the connection that best suit you in Montreal.

Internet Connection Types

When shopping for Internet access, you'll probably encounter several marketing terms frequently. Broadband and high speed internetare used to describe pretty much any type of Internet connection that provides bandwidth speeds faster than traditional dial-up access and nearly all connections offered today qualify as faster than dial-up. Wideband, a relatively new term, refers to connection types that provide throughput at levels approaching or exceeding 200 mbps. Here are the three most common connection types you're likely to see when shopping for an high speed internet providerin Montreal.

DSL: This is generally the cheapest connection type, though DSL uses traditional telephone lines, you can carry on voice calls and transfer data simultaneously. DSL performance depends on how far your location is from the ISP's exchange, but speeds may reach 50 mbps for downloads and 10 mbps for uploads, which can support a dozen typical users simultaneously or a point-of-sale system.
Cable: This is one of the most popular connection types. The technology works over standard television cable lines, but it permits concurrent TV viewing and even digital phone use. ISPs may offer cable speeds of 50 to 200 mbps for downloads and 2 to 20 mbps for uploads enough for a few dozen simultaneous users and it is a high speed internet. Cable connections share bandwidth among other users in the vicinity, so speeds may be slower during peak (work) hours.

Fiber: This newer connection type offers superior performance. Telecommunication companies have been using fiber-optic lines in their backbone infrastructure for some time now, and in the past few years they have extended the fiber connections closer to end-users. Its is also a high speed internet.

Bandwidth Speed

ISPs offer a couple of service levels or plans for each connection type. The main point of distinction between levels is the bandwidth speed. Choosing a suitable speed is one of the key decisions you must make. Generally, the greater the number of people who'll be using the connection, the more bandwidth you'll need. Users who want to use their connection for email and browsing the Web won't need as much bandwidth on the other hand Video Streaming require more bandwidth and data transfer. if you exceed the data transfer limit during a billing cycle, the high speed internet providermay automatically throttle back your speeds for the remainder of the cycle, or it apply a surcharge to your bill. But unless you stream an extensive amount of video or download a great many large files, you probably won't run afoul of a data cap.

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