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Best internet plan - Montreal


Best Internet Plans for Montreal

DSL: This is generally the cheapest connection type, though DSL uses traditional telephone lines, you can carry on voice calls and transfer data simultaneously. DSL performance depends on how far your location is from the ISP's exchange, but speeds may reach 50 mbps for downloads and 10 mbps for uploads, which can support a dozen typical users simultaneously or a point-of-sale system.
Cable: This is one of the most popular connection types. The technology works over standard television cable lines, but it permits concurrent TV viewing and even digital phone use. ISPs may offer cable speeds of 50 to 200 mbps for downloads and 2 to 20 mbps for uploads enough for a few dozen simultaneous users and it is a high speed internet. Cable connections share bandwidth among other users in the vicinity, so speeds may be slower during peak (work) hours.

Gemstelecom has best hight speed internet plans.

Gemstelecom is offering high speed internet plans for both DSL and Cable, with limited and unlimited data options available, you can select any of the packages which best fit your need gemstelecom offer best price in Montreal for the high speed internet packages select any if the packages for more details. You can bundle Phone line with any selected package to get the benefit of both. Gemstelecom offer contract and pay as you go packages for high speed internetin Montreal and you can pay by Credit card, Direct Withdrawal, Online Banking, Cheque or Money Order.